Levlin Murzello

About Levlin Murzello

  • Academic Level Diploma
  • Age* 33 - 37 Years
  • Gender Male
  • Industry* Other
  • Please tell us what type of passport you have and the country it is from* United Kingdom
  • Is your passport valid?* Yes
  • Your Nationality* British


Customer centric and analytical professional, with international and multicultural exposure and  12+ years of experience in the areas of Customer Service, Facilities Management, Operations Management, Business Development and Relationship Management.

Holds transferable experience, specifically in the areas of operations, sales and customer service support. Also has extensive experience in resource management, data analysis and MIS (Management Information Systems).

Born and raised in a multi-cultural environment (Dubai, United Arab Emirates) and lived in the United Kingdom for the last six years.

Pertinent experience and skills include:

  • The ability to communicate at all levels
  • Problem-Solver who persistently follows up until issues are resolved
  • Socially aware and loves interacting with other people
  • Reacts calmly throughout stressful situations and challenges
  • Excellent customer experience intuition; demonstrated success in improving customer service
  • Strong analytical skills; strong bias towards data-based decision making
  • Technical fluency; comfort understanding and discussing with technical team members
  • Willing to roll up the sleeves and do whatever is necessary to meet team goals