Nasteho Mohamed Aden

About Nasteho Mohamed Aden

  • Please tell us what type of passport you have and the country it is from* I Have Somali Passport From Somalia.
  • Is your passport valid?* Yes
  • Your Nationality* Somali


  • 2019
    Universitie Utara Malaysia

    Bachelor of International Affair of Management with Honours

    Relevant Courses: • International Law • International Human Rights, • Organizational Leadership, • International conflict resolution and management, • Strategic studies • Seminar on diplomacy and international relations issues.


  • 2018 - 2019
    See Hoy Chan Sdn Bhd

    University internship program

    At first, my role was a bit challenging, but my technical experience and overall training make me highly appreciated. I have a comprehensive understanding of the lifecycle for website development projects, also I have experienced in learning how seniors design, develop and maintenance online-use applications. For all, I provided exceptional contributions to my superiors while assisting minor undertakings.